davana foundation

Davana Foundation is committed to improving the lives of impoverished children in Cambodia, Laos and Bali.  With the help of gracious donors, we fund educational programs and help provide basic food needs.

It’s a desperate situation in Cambodia – a country still reeling from the brutal rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge who massacred two million Cambodians (i.e., “the killing fields”).  Decades of political instability and famine have left the country poverty-stricken.  In fact, 40% of its 11 million people live on less than $10 a month.  Families don’t have clean drinking water,  electricity or indoor toilets.

There is no welfare system or food stamps, no mass transit system and no unemployment benefits that those in other countries are so fortunate to have.  And, as in many other poor countries, the most vulnerable of these children are the young girls.  Cambodia has one of the highest rates of child prostitution, domestic violence and child labor in the world.